Benefits of the abcÎ

Reduce costs, increase productivity
Applicants with great potential will be recognised at an early point and will not be rejected due to criteria that are too narrowly defined. The early identification of unsuitable candidates spares you a time-consuming selection process and helps to avoid costly mistakes.

The abcΠis a fair and legally sound basis for decision-making, because it objectively assesses traits that contribute to achievement.


The abcΠassesses fundamental traits that underlie performance. This information allows you to make direct and transparent comparisons between employees independent of their position in the company. The measurement results not only provide important insights concerning suitability for a specific position, but can also serve as a foundation for decision-making during periods of internal reorganisation or other personnel changes.

The abcΠis an advanced evaluation method that allows you to rapidly and precisely measure cognitive skills.

Flexible handling and integration
The abcΠcan serve as a useful supplement to all of your existing selection processes. It can be administered online or as an iPad app at a location of your choosing. Whether at your company, in an assessment centre, or at the applicant’s home, the abcΠprovides you with an objective foundation for your selection process.

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