abcÎ - Optimising Personnel Selection

People are the most important factor for the success of any endeavour.

They develop visions and strategies, guide and teach, manage workflows and operate machines.

People are managers, colleagues and employees, target groups, customers and competitors.

And invariably: people are unique individuals!

Psychology is the science of people, their behaviour at work and in their careers. It describes people’s perceptions, thinking, learning and decision-making. Psychologists study emotions and motivations. So while they analyse groups and explore mass phenomena, their special focus is on the individual, the unique person.

Therefore, if it’s about people, it’s about psychology.

We are psychologists. Our professional expertise and more than 25 years of experience in personnel selection have laid the foundation for our work and inform the development of our techniques.

Our newest development: the abcI

We have developed an innovative and easy-to-use tool for optimising your human resource decisions: the Ackerschott Basic Cognitions Indicator (abcI).

The abcI captures achievement potential profiles and makes them comparable. Each individual’s performance potential and weaknesses can be objectively measured using this scientifically rigorous method. The abcI can be efficiently introduced into your recruiting process and procedures and can also be used for human resource development.

The abcI is an ideal supplement to your selection process.

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