Annika van Veen

“Justin Kruger and David Dunning showed 1999 the how unreliable self-assessments are. Unskilled and not aware of it: How difficulties in recognizing one's own incompetence lead to inflated self-assessments. We managed to confirm those results for job related skills and competencies. Self-assessments are far from correct, in both directions. That is one good reason, why we recommend psychometric testing as an invaluable source of information for personnel decisions of all levels.”

born 1979, studies of Psychology in Maastricht, Netherlands and Leipzig, Germany.
2004, Doctorandus of Psychology, University of Maastricht
2005, ackerschott and associates, associate
2007  Head of Reasearch and Development.

Drs. Annika van Veen is responsible for the development of diagnostic procedures, approaches and methods, for localisation and for the definition of the psychometric scope.

Annika van Veen constantly develops her hands on approach of development conducting audits and executive assessments as well as recruiting days herself.