Harald Ackerschott

The insights of psychology into leadership, organisations and innovation far surpass management fashion and zeitgeist. They describe human beings in their diversity and complexity. Thus, psychology makes many things controllable and calculable and destroys many an illusion.”

Graduation in psychology in 1984 after studies of psychology, philosophy, ethnology and law

Founder of ackerschott and associates, formerly Intelligenz System Transfer GmbH, Bonn, managing director since 1987

Main areas of work:

  • Leadership, innovation and organisation
  • Crisis and litigation communication
  • Field research design

Founding member of the standardization committee for the German Standard DIN 33430 “Requirements of procedures and their use in assessing job performance”

Commercial judge in the third Chamber for commercial affairs in the Court of Bonn 2001-2004

Convenor of the task force on “Testing and Evaluation in W&O Psychology” of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology 2001/2002

Vice President of the Association of German Professional Psychologists 1998-2001

Member of the board of the German Academy of Psychologists 1997-1999