How can I best prepare myself for the onlinetest abcI ?

You will find information on the technical preparation for participation in the online test in your invitation. In addition, you should ensure that you choose a quiet place to work, where you can concentrate on the tasks. As soon as you start the test, you can not interrupt it, therefore; Be sure to switch off your mobile phone or other sources of interference.

You probably may also want to prepare yourself in terms of content. It may be useful to familiarize yourself with the typical types of tasks in this test so you know what to expect. You will find many examples of this on the internet. And remember: a little excitement increases efficiency!

Most important is to start fit and well rested. If you have been ill for a long time or have undergone demanding examinations, you should postpone test participation if possible. 

If participating in the online test is difficult for you because of a disability, be sure to contact us or the company that invited you to the online test. We can then ensure that the process generates fair and reliable results for you as well.