At our firm the most important factors for success are our colleagues, their skills and the quality of their collaboration.

Our shared area of expertise is psychology, and our team-based approach is founded on solid science.

Psychology is our leading discipline, techology follows the psycho-logical framework.

Our testing solutions support the work of the leadership teams of our clients’ organisations. We have worked with firms in a wide variety of sectors, including automobile manufacturing, financial services, chemical and pharmaceuticals, IT, consulting, logistics, waste management, business development, education, marketing, law, and more.

Our clients provide the framework for our collaboration, and we supply the specific methods for an optimal solution.

Choosing the right people is the first duty of any leader.

Efficient DecisionMaking

  • Annika van Veen
    Doctorandus of Psychology from the University of Maastricht
    Annika leads research and development, product development and consults with clients to expereince abcÎ and the impact of our tools first hand.
  • Harald Ackerschott
    Professional psychologist with a master’s in psychology from the Rhineland Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn
    His responsibility is general Management as well as data privacy, people, culture and markets.