What is an online test?

In employee selection and development processes, companies often use psychometric procedures. There are many different terms for these methods; Whether test, assessment, potential analysis or other terms, all mean a process in which psychological characteristics are measured. These characteristics can be skills, knowledge or even certain behavioural preferences and characteristics and are often difficult to grasp in interviews. Psychometric procedures help companies in evaluating your abilities and potential for development beyond their own impressions from your documents and any interviews or other selection steps.

These procedures can be carried out on-site at the company, alternatively the participation takes place over the internet as on-line procedure.

Good psychometric procedures and selection processes are described in guidelines and standards such as DIN 33430 (Germany), the ISO 10667 or also the guidelines for testing bythe ITC . We take the quality of our procedures very seriously. As a founding member of the DIN 33430 Commission, Harald Ackerschott is co-author of the DIN standard for aptitude diagnostics and of a practical guidelinefor the implementation of DIN 33430 in everyday working life.