Consulting Psychologists

The crucial factors for the success of any endeavour are the people involved.

People develop visions and strategies, they manage and teach, they operate machines, they produce, communicate and control.

People are leaders, colleagues or employees – competitors, customers or target groups.

The science of people and their behaviour in work and business is psychology. Psychology describes laws of perception, thinking, learning and decision making. Psychology explores emotions and motivations, examines individuals, groups or masses.

Therefore, whenever people are involved in your venture: psychology!

As psychologists, we contribute to your project, your company and your planning with our more than 25 years of experience and methodological competence.


DIN-Entwurf zum Human Capital Reporting Standard liegt zur Kommentierung öffentlich vor

Harald Ackerschott am 15.02.2018

Der Entwurf des DIN ISO Standards zum Human Capital Reporting öffentlich zur Kommentierung liegt vor. IM DIN Norm-Entwurfs-Portal,, kann er nach Registrierung [...] mehr

People assessment is key to the success of an organisation: ISO 10667 gives guidance for both, clients (organizations) and service providers

Harald Ackerschott am 14.02.2018

Now the international standard ISO 10667 will be reviewed and updatet by an international team of experts. You might join! First published on LinkedIn February 13, 2018 ISO 10667: Milestone [...] mehr

Die richtigen Mitarbeiterinnen sind ein Schlüssel zum Unternehmenserfolg

Harald Ackerschott am 13.02.2018

Die ISO 10667 gibt Hinweise für beide Seiten: für Organisationen, die Assessments beauftragen wie auch für interne oder externe Dienstleister. Aktuelle steht dieser internationale [...] mehr