HRIZON 2012 « The 14th World Human Resources Congress: Julie Gebauer: New global challenges in attracting and retention

by Harald Ackerschott, posted Sep 28, 2012

Special Topic: Recruiting and retention

Julie Gebauer described demografic trends and how „amid market uncertainty and unpredictable employment trends, organizations are intensifying their focus on recruiting and retaining critical talent“. She addressed the Top issues in today’s labour markets and illustrated how companies can improve their ability to attract and retain the best people in the best positions.

She sketched some interesting survey results, like Empoyees were describing themselves globally as:
highly engaged 35%
unsupported 22 %
detached 17%
disengaged %

According to her, the main drivers of engagement would be
* leadership
* the right way to cascade decision
* alignment of goals

Amid that todays leaders should
* build trust because of trustworthiness
* understand profitability and people
* listen and incorporate other’s ideas
* grow the next generation

Very exciting and interesting where the rankings of motifs she reported from surveys of newly hired.
Reasons to accept job:

1. Money
2. Job Security
3. Possibilities of advancement
4. Location (have a short walk to work)
5. Training and development opportunities

1. Money
2. Security
3. Location

1. Challenging tasks
2. Vacations
3. Location
4. Money
5. Security

1. Security
2. Possibilities for advancement and support
3. Money
4. Devellopment opportunities
5. Reputation oft the company as an employer

1. Security

Reasons for staying in the Company:

1. Money
2. Career advancement
3. Relationship with boss
4. Trust in senior leadership
5. Management of stress on the job

1. Boss
2. Stress
3. Pay
4. Trust
5. Challenge

1. Pay
2. Boss
3. Flexibility of benefits
4. Long term relationship
5. The physical Work environment

And in the interviews of TOP Executives about the skills of new hires it became apparent, that in this survey as well, G played a major role, only that in this context the term was:


Et Voilà my good old „G“ is there as well, good to know, that global leaders have this insight as well.

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