HRIZON 2012 « The 14th World Human Resources Congress; Keynote 3: Dan Pink

by Harald Ackerschott, posted Sep 28, 2012

Dan Pink

Dan Pink is one of the Authors who embrace social sciences and most especially psychology and make a popular book out of an important line of research.

This gives psychology a great opportunity to become more influential as most social scientists do not write best selling books which make it o those lists:

* New York Times bestseller
* Wall Street Journal bestseller
* Boston Globe bestseller
* Los Angeles Times bestseller
* Washington Post bestseller
* San Francisco Chronicle bestseller
* Publishers Weekly bestseller
* Indie Bound bestseller
* top 50 bestseller for all of 2010
* top 100 bestseller for all of 2011

Mr. Pink gave in his Keynote a very professional and polished high-speed presentation of his ideas from „Drive“.

Most oft the science he presented was well researched and correct. His thankfulness tot he social siences seemed sincere and his choice of the role as translater and messenger of scientific results appeared authentic.

Main messages:
Motivation is deeper than what money buys, intrinsic motivation is functioning and strong.

If overpowered by rewards and incentives, that’s detrimental to the result, quality, consistence and overall performance, especially for complex tasks and will finally have adverse effects on your health and your relationships.

His suggestion to bankers, wich I volotarily would share: „Cut the incentives and you will find people who do the work with much less adverse side effects on society.

2 Comments to "HRIZON 2012 « The 14th World Human Resources Congress; Keynote 3: Dan Pink"

  1. Dr. Annette Fusenig wrote:

    Die Frage, ob Incentives motivieren mag nicht neu sein, aber die Frage, woher Motivation kommt bleibt einfach spannend. Weil es Werte beruehrt und tief in die Seele blickt.
    Am blog hat mir besonders gut das Endzitat gefallen 😉

    Lesenswert in jedem Fall fuer Profis UND Laien.
    Posten Sie den blog noch auf Xing, linkedIn oder facebook? Ich fand das immer hilfreich, als das der HR-Kollege Gilbert gemacht hat.

  2. Harald Ackerschott wrote:

    Sehr herzlichen Dank für die freundliche Anregung. ich denke, dass, wenn wir wieder regelmässiger bloggen, wir auch zumindest auf LinkedIn posten werden.

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