HRIZON 2012 « The 14th World Human Resources Congress, Resumé

by Harald Ackerschott, posted Sep 28, 2012

Wayne Cascio, Dave Ulrich, Dan Pink and Steve Wozniak, what a concentrated essence of expert thought!

My personal highlight is the input I got from Steve Wozniaks life story. This is unbelievably valuable to make my case concerning the leadership of technical talent: Let the technical guys be like they are.

Give them respect for their contributions and a framework which nourishes them and do not request them to be team oriented, outgoing, social and even charismatic, if they want to be nerdy, geeks and introvert. Give them the Steve Jobs or whoever they need at their side. That is the best way to start.

The broadest impact I see in the overwhelming unity of the overall message of HRIZON 2012:
Dave Ulrich formulated the overall rule. „HR has to think from the outside in.“

Wayne Cascio laid out the detailed plan how to do it. Top Down, from the overall risks of the company to the HR dimensions of those risks and from the overall opportunities to the HR opportunities.

The other side of the same medal: Motivation – the glue (if adressesd right) and perhaps the divide (if ignoring basic psychology) between the inside and the results and contributions.

And in between we found the jewels to be not hidden any more: more and more insightful people from the people management discipline discover „G“ call it all different names, General Mental Ability or Agile Thinking or or or …

I am looking forward to 2014 in Santiago de Chile to the next World Human Resource Congress.

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