HRIZON 2012 « The 14th World Human Resources Congress, Keynote 3: Li Cunxin

by Harald Ackerschott, posted Sep 28, 2012

Li Cunxin, Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet, „Mao’s last Dancer“, stock broker

Li Cunxin is a remarkable man borne of a remarkable story. From humble beginnings in rural China to the height of the global dance world, he told us his story as one of determination, passion, integrity and success. Growing up in a poverty stricken environment he happened to be selected by Madame Mao for the Beijing Dance Academy. Later, while dancing at the Houston Ballet he defected, prompting a standoff at the Chinese Consilate, where he was detained.

He gave an impressive account of the assessment center at Madame Mao, torture like exercises and physical strain to the max. The mental stress he overcame to be one of the selected few. He described in detail his education and development as basis of his latter achievement.

His message is that success is a result of hard selection and hard, continuous effort. there are no shortcuts.

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