People assessment is key to the success of an organisation: ISO 10667 gives guidance for both, clients (organizations) and service providers

by Harald Ackerschott, posted Feb 14, 2018

Now the international standard ISO 10667 will be reviewed and updatet by an international team of experts. You might join!

First published on LinkedIn February 13, 2018

ISO 10667: Milestone and Lighthouse project

Originally, ISO 10667 was result of a temporarily limited project within the framework of a project committee. In 2011, after an initiative from Germany that attracted a cooperation of leading individuals in the field, ISO 10667, the result of this innovative and joint effort was published. It marked a milestone in ISO work, because it was the first ISO Standard in this area. And it marked a milestone for assessment as well, because it was the first time an international group of experts agreed on an assessment standard within the ISO framework. This happened even before ISO founded the technical committee 260, Human Resource Management.

The impact of ISO

ISO, the international Organisation for Standardization is the biggest and arguably most powerful organisation in the world developing international voluntary standards. The three most popular ISO standards today ( ISO 9001, Quality Management; ISO IEC 27001, Information Security Management and ISO IEC 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories) illustrate impressively, that ISO goes far beyond harmonising technical details but provides a global framework for innovative and sustainable business.
Meanwhile, experts from more than 30 countries work together in the Technical Committee ISO TC 260 to develop a whole family of Standards for Human Resource Management and they are happy to give a new home to the standard on assessment.

What standards can do for you

Opportunity to engage

According to ISO rules, after five years a new standard can be revised and updated. The Members of TC 260 recognized, that the technological advancements observed in the field of assessment merited an update and voted to start the revision process.

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The revision project was initiated in September 2017 and now some of the National Standardization Bodies involved are calling for experts to participate in this work.

I feel honored and thrilled to be appointed project leader.

If you feel that you could contribute to the work, (please see „Why get involved?: ) please contact your National Standardisation Body (please see: Member Bodies of ISO and ask if there is alredy a group working on this issue or if they see the possibility to start one to join the work.
If you have any questions, pleas feel free to mail me or add a comment.
Previous Standards available here:
ISO 10667-1:2011
Assessment service delivery, Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings Part 1: Requirements for the client

ISO 10667-2:2011
Assessment service delivery, Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings, Part 2: Requirements for service providers


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